Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let the Strawberry Eating Begin

First batch of Strawberries
Courtesy of the Berry Bay Farms in Wimauma, Fl

Lucky me scored half a flat (6 pints) of beautiful strawberries yesterday from our friends Michelle and Todd at the Berry Bay Farms. Todd is the farm manager and has been in the Agriculture Business for over 25 years and loves what he does. The website for the farm has all kinds of  "strawberry growing" photo's and info. I didn't know that   they grow onions on the outside row because it's not the favorite place to pick the strawberries (only working on one side).  I'm still learning our different varieties of Florida Strawberries,  (there are seven main varieties) and did you know that   

"Each plant is picked every 3 to 4 days. It takes a strawberry approximately 14 to 21 days (depending on weather) to go from flower to red fruit"    Visit the website to learn more fun facts.
   Today when I got home from work I played in the kitchen making Strawberry Bread Pudding,
Strawberry Bread and Angel Food Cake for Strawberry Shortcake with Hard Whipped  Cream. Yum!                                                 

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