Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kawaii Miniature Strawberry Toaster Necklace With Jam and Toast

I found these at Strawberry Anarchy~ She always has the best Strawberry Everything!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Strawberry Paper Magic

close-up of strawberry, originally uploaded by wme133.
This beauty is from Wanda Edwards a Paper, Watercolor, and Jewelry Artist. Wanda has a website
where you can find more of her beautiful work. You can also find her available art at her Etsy store Fanciful Things for your Fanciful Life and follow her Artful Journey at her Blog Wonder Wanda.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Japanese Strawberry

Gotouchi_Tochigi, originally uploaded by nightshift in tokyo.
My friends in Japan love Strawberries, almost as much as I do. I found this great Strawberry sticker on my Postcrossing Pal's Flickr today. I also found out that "Gotouchi (ご当地) is the word people use for the types of food/dessert/products you can usually only buy in one area of Japan. Gotouchi is the word for "local speciality" in Japanese" (Thanks to the blog Julie In Japan for explaining this to me)
Here's the Japanese word for Strawberry~ (イチゴ) ichigo.. So CoOL!

This just happened to be the sticker I put on a postcard to "Nightshift" before seeing her Strawberry Sticker. Pretty CooL!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Fabric Postcard

Postcard N°13, originally uploaded by angéliquepatch.
Found this on Flickr at Angeliquepatch's Photosteam..So Cute!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Strawberry Princess

by Keysha Chan
You can this as well as other fun pieces of Keysha's work at her website.

Happy Strawberry

Happy Strawberry, originally uploaded by SteDigit.

I am always searching for the weirdest looking strawberry and this might just be it!

The Perfect Strawberry Pie

From Rebekah s Blog Vegan Spoonful
I found Rebekah's blog with the recipe and excellent directions and can't wait to try this myself.. Yum!

Strawberries Knitted to Perfection

Strawberries, originally uploaded by pezdiva.

Absolutely Adorable! Find the pattern for these beauties at pezdivas photostream~

Start the Day with some Strawberry Cereal~

How come nobody told me about these! I found a post on Lisa's blog while trying to find a cool Strawberry picture to use as my profile picture for the next couple of weeks on Facebook. The Invasion begins this week as the Strawberry Festival gets in full swing on Thursday..meanwhile, I have to find my new favorite cereal.